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Advanced DDC

At the Advanced DDC level, Auriga provides the Basic DDC service plus the additional benefit of using Auriga’s experience, skills, and resources in defining and controlling the engineering processes and performing process quality-assurance tasks for the team.

One of the standard Auriga processes is tailored and implemented for the team. Auriga currently offers two families of processes to choose from:

  • Agile distributed team
  • CMMI-based iterative process

Auriga then continuously controls and audits the generated artifacts and the process employed by the team. The results are reported to the client. In addition to the responsibilities listed for the Basic DDC, the assigned team coordinator is also responsible for implementing and controlling the engineering process. The resources of Auriga’s separate Quality Assurance Department are actively used for this task.

In our experience, we have created teams that work:

  • In highly regulated and quality-sensitive industries: medicalautomotiveavionics. We know how to implement the process that satisfies such standards as DO-178, medical standards: IEC 62304, ISO 13485, AAMI TIR36:2007. We even combine incongruous approaches - for example, Agile and airborne standards.
  • With agile-centric clients. We have developed our own approach that allows combining the agile methodologies with distributed teams. Sometimes, we even train other parts of client organizations in using agile approaches. For those who need both predictability and flexibility, Auriga can suggest advanced business models that combine fixed-price and agile approaches.
  • With large multinational corporations that have strict requirements related to security and IP protection. We implement a whole set of measures that allows even the most demanding clients to use our teams without compromising the level of security required by internal and public regulations.
  • With small start-ups where the team we provide is the entire engineering force of the organization. So we don’t just do development and maintenance; our engineers deal with our clients’ clients on their behalf, certification bodies, and other third parties. We collect requirements, create roadmaps, support and consult end-users—remotely or onsite—and do many other things. 
Here is what one of our customers has to say:
"We've really enjoyed working with them [Auriga team] and their flexibility in terms of their understanding of the work that is required—not just for development, but certainly [also] with keeping our customers happy."

And don’t forget—you not only get access to a new pool of skilled professionals and their expertise in technology and people management; you also save money by building a remote engineering team with Auriga.

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