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Ramp-Up Approach

Auriga has been polishing its approaches and processes for starting up new dedicated teams for over 20 years. We know what our clients need, and we know what works best. IBM—one of Auriga’s customers—has presented a series of reports at technology events and tradeshows on getting maximum value from high-tech outsourcing partnerships based on their experience with Auriga. See one of these reports.

Our team ramp-up typically includes the following stages:

  • Initial Ramp-Up. Set up infrastructure, put together the core team, perform intensive knowledge transfer, and conduct the highly recommended initial onsite workshop. Read more on the initial onsite workshop at How to Start an Outsourcing Relationship article.
  • Stabilization. Complete first projects—test the knowledge-transfer quality; gain hands-on experience with clients’ products and technologies. Stabilize the team and the process; prepare training programs for future team expansion/replacements.
  • Optimization. Further grow the team using the balanced approach—add lower-cost specialists and locations to avoid a disproportional team structure and improve long-term stability.
  • Operation. Maintain the team; continuously improve the process.

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