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Auriga Overview

Auriga is not your average outsourcing provider. Forget all the negative conceptions you have about outsourcing, and prepare to reach the next level. Because Auriga is:

New development
Sustaining Maintenance
Managed teams
Media streams

25 years
World’s #1 provider

World’s #1 software engineering vendor

Our business and passion is software engineering services: new software development, sustaining engineering, maintenance, software testing, verification, and validation. We help technology companies create and maintain their innovative products and solutions. We provide managed dedicated engineering teams and perform software engineering projects. Our strong areas include software for medical devices, embedded systems, mobile devices, cloud services, system-level software, and media streams & processing.

After almost 25 years on the market, we won the appreciation and loyalty of our clients and a number of awards, including the “world’s #1 engineering services vendor.”

Quick launch

No lock-ins

Easy scaling

Free estimates

No up-front payments


Engineering culture

Team management

Long-term focus


No hidden agendas

Refreshingly different outsourcing

Forget old IT contracts. With Auriga, you don’t have to sign a multi-year binding contract or pay anything up front. You can quickly launch a new initiative, easily scale it up or down, and get free detailed estimates and design proposals before you sign anything.

Our secret ingredient (which we don’t mind revealing) is the attention we pay to communications, team management, and the cultural aspects of engineering. Software engineering is far more than just coding, and those extra components are what make the difference between the success and failure of a project.

Besides, from the very beginning, we have focused on building long-term relationships with our clients. That means real transparency, honest estimates, and no unpleasant surprises like rotating out the best team members, doubling the project budget by pricing every single change request, or inflating onsite travel expenses. We earn the trust of our clients, and they stay with us for years.

All in all, turning to our services after experiencing traditional outsourcing is like switching from the old-style desktop licensing approach to a modern on-demand SaaS model. Only for outsourcing services. Plus, we already have a proven process for starting and managing your outsourcing engagement. So switching to our services is a smooth and easy process.

Solve process headaches 

Improve predictability 

Bring new talent 

Free up engineering force 


Tremendous added value for our customers

We are proud to bring that final missing piece of the puzzle to our customers’ business that turns them into real success stories. Our services have already helped many companies to:

  • Improve software engineering processes;
  • Improve the quality of deliverables and make R&D budgets and schedules more predictable;
  • Scale engineering forces, gain access to the new engineering talent pools, or find individuals with rare skills; and
  • Focus internal engineering efforts on gaining business advantages in new strategic areas.

How do we manage to be that good? Read Our ApproachOur Mission and Corporate Social Responsibility pages for more details.