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Facts and Milestones : 1998-2000


  • Auriga played a key role in development of BlueCat (LynuxWorks, Inc.)—Linux operating system for embedded applications and all its development environment, distributed on the open source model.
  • BlueCat won the Electron d'Or Award for the best embedded product of the year 2000.


  • Auriga SDC as Auriga's wholly owned Russian affiliate established to help Auriga, Inc. run its operation in Russia.
  • Auriga launched the first projects for Accrue Software, Inc.:
    • Y2K Problem for CC+ project, one of the first decision support systems (Executive Information System) based on HP-UX, AIX, VMS (VAX and Alpha), MVS, MS Windows and Apple Mac.


  • Auriga launched the first projects for PICMG companies in Hot Swap CompactPCI solutions.
  • BroadVision One-To-One Publishing project launched as a Web content management application consisting of software components that allow to create, edit, manage, and version Web site content and deploy that content to one or more Web sites running BroadVision One-To-One Enterprise-based applications.