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Facts and Milestones: 2005-2006


  • The recent report on the world's most innovative providers of business and technology services presented by Global Services and neoIT, approved Auriga’s confident position in the Top 5 list of IT companies to watch in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Auriga opened a new software development center in Nizhny Novgorod.
  • Alexis Sukharev, Auriga President and RUSSOFT Board member, presented RUSSOFT and the entire Russian IT industry at the 3rd U.S.-Russia Technology Symposium in Stanford.
  • Auriga reinforced its European presence with opening of a new
    representative office in France.
  • The first group of students successfully completed the course “System-level Software Development Fundamentals” at the Auriga Training Center.
  • Auriga established a new U.S. representative office in California.
  • Alexis Sukharev represented Auriga, RUSSOFT and the entire Russian IT industry at the Marcus Evans Conference ‘Outsourcing destination Russia & CIS: best buy abroad”
    (London, April 2006)
  • Alexis Sukharev championed Russian IT engineering at Marcus Evans conference
    (Paris, June 2006)
  • Auriga participated in the largest key Russian IT outsourcing industry event—the Russian Outsourcing and Software Summit (Moscow, June 2006). Alexis Sukharev lead the "Russia’s Role in Global IT Outsourcing" panel.
  • Auriga announced new service offering—software localization. The new offering is supported by Auriga’s proven experience in quality-oriented and customer-focused IT projects.
  • Auriga announced the latest results of its own statistic survey aimed at showing Russian IT labor market potential. According to this survey, actual number of Russian IT labor entering the market is practically equal to that of India.
  • Auriga and the International Institute of Information Technology (I2IT) of India, announced partnership in software engineering knowledge exchange. In November 2006 Auriga presented and successfully conducted the training course “Linux Kernel programming” at the I2IT training center in Pune, India.
  • Auriga-Kazan participated in the “Tatarstan Entrepreneurs Forum” and the “Innovative Business Technologies” exhibition (December 2007). The company announced the initiative of forming Innovation Center that will unite Tatarstan’s high scientific potential with Auriga’s deep expertise in software engineering and implementing R&D projects for companies all over the world.


  • CeBIT 2005 (Hanover, Germany) Participation.
  • Auriga sponsored Mass Software Council Spring Meeting featuring Mikhail Gorbachev as the keynote speaker.
  • The Auriga ODC for IBM was launched.
  • One of the leading Russian business magazines "Firm's secret" named Auriga in its Top-5 list of Russian software outsourcing companies.
  • Auriga shared its experience in applying open source programs to the variety of complex software development projects during The First Open Source Forum Russia.
  • 5th Russian Software Outsourcing Summit (ROSS) Participation. Auriga's President Alexis Sukharev moderated the round table dedicated to Government support and cooperation with software outsourcing industry.
  • IBM and AURIGA gave a joint report on international partnership in high-tech outsourcing at Bitkom’s IT Outsourcing Forum.
  • Auriga represented the Russian IT industry at the UC Berkeley Conference “Investing in Emerging Markets: China, India, Russia”.
  • Auriga was selected by CNBC Europe as a leading software outsourcing company in Russia for its new eLife television series.
  • AMR Research 2005 featured Auriga in the Top 5 list of the Russian software outsourcing providers.
  • Auriga launched its own Training Center on the basis and at the premises of MSU.
  • Auriga's teams are involved in the following major projects:
    • Linux-specific Natural Access additions implementation (Client: NMS Communications);
    • StarFabric Bus Driver development (Client: Pigeon Point Systems);
    • PICMG IEEE standardization works (Client: Pigeon Point Systems);
    • LynxOS network stack development (Client: LynuxWorks, Inc);
    • Direct 3D rendering support for LynxOS-178 (Client: LynuxWorks, Inc);
    • Infinity Explorer VF6 development (Client: Dräger Medical);
    • Remote View subsystem for Kappa and Infinity Explorer (Client: Dräger Medical);
    • Verification of Microsoft Hot Fixes (Client: Dräger Medical);
    • Complex automated suite of regression tests using Rational Robot (Client: Dräger Medical).