The Universal Responsibility & Communication Principles

Quite surprisingly, I recently spent some time during my workday writing down what I called the “basic responsibility & communication principles.” In my case, they apply to a software engineering organization (and a software engineering outsourcing organization, at that). But I don’t see why they can’t be applied to any other organization where people gather in teams to work on tasks and projects. I present these principles below in the hopes of getting some feedback from the occasional readers of this blog. I personally see these principles as obvious and natural, but that’s just me. It’d be interesting to see if others agree that they are truly universal. Continue reading

The Team of Top Performers: Dream and Reality

I recently stumbled upon the presentation by Bryan Cantrill on software engineering management, and I must say I completely agree with his thoughts—not with every single detail probably, but with the overall picture that he has painted.

Of course, I was shocked to learn that I belong to the most dangerous group of managers—“formerly technical” managers. But I hope I dodged the bullet since I continue writing software code in my spare time, and that makes me tolerable according to what Bryan writes. But a more important thing is his emphasis on attracting primarily (in his version, exclusively) top performers and the reasons why organizations fail to do that. Continue reading

Auriga Announces Appointment of New Sales Director

Auriga is pleased to introduce to you our newly appointed Sales Director in the US, Mr. Marc Schlackman.

Mr. Schlackman has been successfully growing relationships with partners and customers for more than 30 years and brings a vast experience from a strong background in domestic and international sales. Also, thanks to his 16 years of software development and management experience, he has a first-hand understanding of Auriga’s customers’ needs. Mr. Schlackman will be responsible for all sales in the US. Continue reading

Russian Innovation Week Conference to Promote Innovation and Cooperation

The second annual Russian Innovation Week (RIW) Conference was held in Boston on September 17 and continued in California’s Silicon Valley on September 19–20.

One of the main goals of this event hosted by the Russian Innovation Center (RUSNANO, RVC, and the Skolkovo Foundation) was to establish and maintain American–Russian business networking and solid cooperation in the area of innovation development. The conference brought together an elite group of startup entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, government representatives, and C-level executives from Russia and the US. Russian Innovation Week proved to be a successful platform for building strategic partnerships, exploring investment opportunities, and showcasing new technology innovations. Continue reading