Case Study: A Fully Functional Mail and IM Client

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Case Study: A Fully Functional Mail and IM Client

January 22, 2013

Auriga developed a fully functional mail and IM client for one of the leading online multi-purpose (i.e., mail, search, market tools, etc.) portals. The app supports all the key functions of a proprietary web service: The user can compose and read emails, sort them by folder or label, send and receive attachments (including pictures captured on camera), and chat on instant messenger. Push notifications inform the user of new emails the moment they are received, while the integrated map service allows users to add their current location to an email or instant message.

Auriga’s Customer needed to release this app by Christmas and did not have enough internal resources to complete the project. Moreover, they implied that they required a high-quality product in a short timeframe. The mobile client was developed in parallel with the online service, executed by Auriga’s Customer’s internal engineering team. Given the conditions, Auriga decided to perform the project using Agile-based methodology despite its fixed-price nature. The project was completed in short iterations (sprints), and each sprint ended with a demo release to receive early feedback from Auriga’s Customer. This commitment significantly improved the development process and response time to meet Auriga’s Customer’s requirements.

All deadlines were met during the project, and the application was issued on time. It received positive Internet-press reviews and a high rating on Android Market. At present, Auriga engineers are continuing with maintaining the product, adding new features, and improving the application performance. Recent updates implemented by our engineers include Internet traffic-monitoring features, protection against sending accidental emails, a “send from” option, and favicon labels for messages sent via other mail web services (e.g., Gmail).


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