Case Study: Car Efficiency Metrics Collection

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Case Study: Car Efficiency Metrics Collection

January 28, 2013

Auriga engineers developed software components for the in-car module (on CAN bus) that collects efficiency metrics. Among the components is the software for providing wireless access to the module for data collection, a battery charge optimization component, a diagnostics controller component, and many others.

Auriga was engaged by the customer to improve the stability of the existing solution and to add new features to it. Both goals were achieved. For the tight time constraints that our client had for this project, it was crucial that the first results were achieved within the first two days of Auriga’s involvement, and this outstanding performance didn’t drop for the course of the entire project.

An integral part of the project was developing a web service for collecting metrics from the automobiles with this module installed and providing aggregated statistics for authorized users.

Customer: One of the world’s largest and most known auto vendors.

Tools and Technologies: C/C++, Linux, CAN, FLEX, busybox.


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