Case Study: Embedded Database Manager and POI Visualization for Mobile Platforms

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Case Study: Embedded Database Manager and POI Visualization for Mobile Platforms

February 28, 2013

Birdstep Technology, a leading provider of high-performance embedded database solutions (Raima Database Manager product line), is focused on solving data-management problems in a wide variety of verticals. To improve its positions in the rapidly changing market, the company decided to extend its solutions portfolio by introducing a mobile version of the Birdstep flagship product.

Auriga unveiled RAIMA DB manager for the Android platform, providing an efficient alternative to SQLite and enabling developers to build faster applications on Android. With fully fledged RAIMA Database Manager embedded (RDMe) Java API, it is now possible to migrate Java applications smoothly to Android.

The distributed client-server GEO application has been developed, demonstrating several advantages of the POI algorithm: minimum footprint, multi-threaded access to the same dataset, larger dataset changes, and fast failure recovery.

The application simulates an airplane flight and consists of the following components:

  • Client – RDM Embedded (RDMe) on Android: simulates the remote standalone units (airplanes), acquires telemetry data, stores it in the local database, and transmits it to the server. Demo user interface (UI) allows users to select start, end, and interim points of the trip by tapping the multi-touch display.
  • Server – Visualization of the POI algorithm: simulates mission control, displays a summary of multiple flights, processes the data, and represents it in a user-friendly format. The UI uses zoom to display the data for a small area.

The demo was successfully presented at Embedded World 2010. The solutions should be increasingly in demand for Mil/Aero, Telecom, Financial, Consumer Electronics, Medical, Industrial Automation, Business Automation, and other industries.

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