MassTLC 2014 Healthcare Conference: “Transforming Healthcare through Technology and Innovation”


MassTLC 2014 Healthcare Conference: “Transforming Healthcare through Technology and Innovation”

December 8, 2014

On December 3, Auriga’s experts with over 200 other professionals from the healthcare and technology industries participated in the 2014 Healthcare Conference organized by the Mass Technology Leadership Council (MassTLC) to discuss “Transforming Healthcare through Technology and Innovation.”

The event’s agenda traditionally included keynotes, panel discussions, and interactive workshops in which attendees focus on key issues in the healthcare industry, market changes, and the tremendous potential this transition phase holds.

The event started with a keynote address from Dr. Roy Smythe, MD, Chief Executive Officer of HX360, and Chief Medical Officer of Avia, who presented his view of the future of healthcare. He described “tectonic” shifts that are to occur in the industry and explored the impact of innovative emerging technologies on the transformation of the global healthcare ecosystem and patient care.

The keynote speakers and attendees of the conference touched on such important topics as data privacy, innovations in clinical research models and care environments, the impact of predictive analytics, and the convergence of healthcare and the digital consumer.

Andrey Pronin, Auriga’s Senior Vice-President of Strategy, Technology, and Marketing, expressed his opinion about the MassTLC 2014 Healthcare Conference and Auriga’s participation in the event:

“There are few industries today in which technology makes a bigger impact than in healthcare. Right now, we can witness how innovations brought by technology revolutionize patient care in all areas, starting from preventative care through the development and enhancement of the most challenging and cutting-edge medical procedures and equipment to the rise of mobile apps that allow patients to monitor their own health.

“MassTLC 2014 Healthcare Conference proved to be a very well timed event, especially for companies that are in search of new ways to adapt to the changes in the healthcare industry. As a software development company that has a long track record of solutions in the areas of patient monitoring, imaging, mHealth, and interoperability, we were excited to take part and sponsor this event and use the opportunity to connect and network with leaders from a variety of organizations in the healthcare industry.”

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