Auriga’s Experts Took Part in SECR 2013

At the end of October, Auriga’s experts took part in one of the key events in the software development industry in Eastern Europe: the Central & Eastern European Software Engineering Conference in Russia‑SECR-2013.

SECR 2013The conference brought together almost 800 participants, including leaders of the Russian software development industry and established international experts such as Jim Stikeleather (Executive Strategist & Chief Innovation Officer, Dell Services), Dave A. Thomas (Founder and Chairman of Bedarra Research Labs), Ivar Jacobson (the father of the Unified Modelling Language, Founder and Chairman of Ivar Jacobson International), and others.

SECR-2013 has become one of the most remarkable IT industry events featuring software development. Within the frame of the conference, a number of topical issues, interesting subjects, and solutions were discussed. As we have already written,

Markov_SECR0Auriga was represented by three experts, which is one of the highest numbers among the companies that participated in the event. All three presentations attracted the interest of the packed audience, and the number of questions that followed the presentations confirmed the relevance of the topics discussed by Auriga’s engineers. Igor Markov’s presentation Face Detection and Classification on Mobile Devices was recognized as one of 15 best regular presentations.

Jim Stikeleather’s presentation Innovative or Die was especially exciting, because it discussed the importance of innovations for business. According to Stikeleather, companies need to focus on originality, innovation, and efficacy in order to succeed. To create a culture of innovation in the company, having the right people to do the job is essential; hence, in his presentation, Stikeleather covered talent and innovation management in the company among other topics.

For the first time, CEE-SECR’s organizers arranged a Conference Discussion Corner where the attendees could discuss topics they found interesting. The most popular topic discussed at SECR 2013 was mobile applications.
The collective opinion of all Auriga’s experts who participated in CEE-SECR 2013 was expressed by Ilya Vereschagin, Lead Test Engineer:

“All in all, I enjoyed both the organization of the event and the level of the presentations. It was a great opportunity for networking, sharing experiences, learning cutting-edge solutions and technologies, and making sure that we are on the right path.”