Case Study: Real-time Video Transcoding Service

For one of the leading smartphone vendors, Auriga implemented a unique service that transcodes video from its original quality stored in the cloud to the quality that matches the capabilities of the receiving device and channel. The service allows users to store a single media file and convert it to the right quality on the fly instead of storing several file copies of different quality for different types of receivers.

Implementing this pioneering service required a vendor skilled in performing research and developing innovative projects in which requirements and/or architecture are not defined up front but evolve as new information from technological and market research is obtained. Auriga—with its long-term experience in delivering R&D projects, solid mobile-video expertise, and pool of experienced engineers with strong academic/engineering backgrounds—was naturally the vendor of choice.

Auriga performed full lifecycle development and implemented a solution with the following characteristics:

  • iOS, Android, and Web clients support
  • Amazon S3, EC2, and Elastic Balancer used for file storage, playback, and scalability
  • Real-time FLV/H.264 with MP3, AAC encoding
  • All popular video formats and codecs supported
  • Flexible performance scaling
  • Smart and flexible cache
  • Smart TV client
  • Fail-safe operation: external watchdog and internal status monitoring; safe restart on failure

Despite using a fixed-price approach, internally, the project was implemented using agile methodology. Thanks to the ability to evaluate the builds on a weekly basis, Auriga’s customer was able to obtain an understanding of the expected results early and adjust the requirements in the course of the project without compromising the deadline or quality. The agile choice is natural for projects with significant research components, and this ability to combine agile methodology with fixed-price predictability is what distinguishes Auriga from other providers.