Case Study: Open Multi-Computing Kit

Auriga team was involved in design, development and maintenance of telecom inter-board-communication framework that emulates Ethernet over a system bus. The product named Open MultiComputing Kit (OMCK) is a solution which allowed CompactPCI or VME single board computers communicate over the backplane. OMCK is a full-featured product, which provides flexible and convenient configuration facilities to the end user and delivers superb performance (up to 4x or 6x the speed of the 100 Mbit Ethernet depending on configuration). OMCK emulates an Ethernet LAN, supporting operation of all conventional protocols over the backplane network Being a multi-platform product, for each supported platform OMCK provides the with the facilities that are specific to the platform. Continue reading

Case Study: Enterprise Information Protection Product

One of Auriga’s customers—a US-based vendor of software solutions that provide “complete protection” for intellectual property and other mission-critical data vital to operating the modern global enterprise—tasked our engineering team to port its flagship solution to Linux OS, several virtual frameworks, and mobile platforms to expand its presence on the global security applications market. To continue to stay ahead of its competitors, the customer’s existing engineering force needed to continue working at full speed on enhancing the existing Windows solution; thus, the project was to be executed with minimal management and engineering overhead. Continue reading