Tips for Outsourcing Software Development: Ensure Outsourcing Success

Get tips and hints on the software outsourcing process directly from one of the pioneers of the offshore IT outsourcing segment in Eastern Europe. Get the insights resulting from 22+ years of successful performance presented in the form of short “how-to” articles on behalf of Andrey Pronin, SVP of Strategy, Technology, and Marketing at Auriga.

These articles constitute a comprehensive guide that helps you to navigate the complexities of software development outsourcing and answers the most prominent questions about when and how you should outsource your software development in order to get the most out of it.

In order to help you familiarize yourself with the whole outsourcing process, we’ve organized the articles on the step-by-step basis starting from the very beginning. Enjoy!

  1. Outsourcing in Software Development: Rock-Paper-Scissors of Service Models
    An overview of the basic service models used in outsourcing.
  2. Communications in Software Outsourcing
    Why communication skills are even more important for an outsourcing project success than technical expertise.
  3. How to Start an Outsourcing Relationship
    Practical instructions on approaching the most critical part of any outsourcing engagement – the start-up/ramp-up phase.
  4. “All I Need Is Engineers”: Why This Approach Fails For Offshore Software Development
    What service should you expect from a remote engineering team provider (besides hiring that team). And, the role of the team manager in providing those services.
  5. The Paradox of Balanced Teams: When Less Average Experience is Better
    Building engineering teams that last for long: how using a balanced team structure helps in avoiding future losses.
  6. The Non-Linear Algebra of Outsourcing Costs
    Outsourcing experts always tell that one should look beyond comparing hour rates when comparing the costs of outsourcing the project to different providers. This example demonstrates how other factors can be taken into consideration when calculating the costs.
  7. Don’t Over-Optimize Your Candidates
    Why trying to find a team with perfectly matching skills is often a bad idea.
  8. Agile and (Offshore) Outsourcing in Software Development: The Eternal Love/Hate Story
    Practical recommendations on outsourcing agile software development projects.

  9. One of the lesser-understood roles in distributed teams: The onsite coordinator
    Is it required to have a local representative to efficiently work with a remote team? How to use that onsite representative for coordinating the work of distributed teams.
  10. Applying open source community approaches to traditional software development organizations
    Food for thought. Is there something in how the open source communities operate that can be used to improve the organization of in-house software development processes.
  11. The Team of Top Performers: Dream and Reality
    Are you ready to deal with an elite team of top performers?
  12. Software Development Outsourcing for Innovative Companies
    What to keep in mind when considering outsourcing work on innovative software and hardware products.
  13. “Priority Inversion” in Software Engineering Management: Misconceptions of Wasted Time
  14. Two (Unexpected) Key Selection Criteria for a Software Development Service Provider

3 thoughts on “Tips for Outsourcing Software Development: Ensure Outsourcing Success

  1. You mentioned in your article that a company can actually outsource their software programming needs. I didn’t realize that companies like this existed, but I think it’s something that any business owner could benefit from. I’ll have to pass this information on to my employer, as we could definitely use a more customized program!

  2. I thought it was interesting that you mentioned to not over-optimize your candidates. My dad is looking to get process engineering software but needs tips. I’ll be sure to talk to him about not over-optimizing his candidates.

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