SugarCRM and Jira synchronization for sales process optimization


Auriga developed a connection plug-in between SugarCRM and Jira to optimize the sales process.

Project Highlights

  • One-way synchronization from SugarCRM to Jira for Opportunities
    Opportunity creation/update in Sugar CRM automatically initiates task creation in Jira. Tasks in Jira contain links to related opportunities in SugarCRM. However, Jira users cannot create opportunities if there are no related opportunities in SugarCRM.
  • Two-way synchronization between SugarCRM and Jira for Tasks
    Task status changes in SugarCRM or Jira enable two-way synchronization.
  • Custom Jira fields development for SugarCRM
  • Synchronization testing

Achieved Benefits

SugarCRM and Jira integration allowed sales process optimization by facilitating direct and automated communication between Sales and Engineering Departments. That way, Sales team can work within their primary tool (SugarCRM), while the Engineering team works in Jira. Both sides can update workflow statuses in both tools.

Technologies Used


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