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Expertise: Enterprise&Web Applications

Auriga has 20+ years of successful experience of enterprise applications development, maintenance and support. An exceptional level of expertise has been gained for e-Commerce, sales-support, and CRM systems, as well as for workflow, document, content, and knowledge management applications. Auriga engineers have extensive experience developing all levels of n-tier distributed software (back-end, middleware, front-end) and projects for large multinationals, such as Toshiba.

Additional details on the two main areas of specific domain knowledge possessed by Auriga engineers are provided from the links below:

Tools and Technologies

Auriga has a proven track record using the following technologies for enterprise applications development:

Enterprise Application Technologies

  • J2EE,
    • EJBs
    • AJAX
    • JDBC, JMS, XA transactions
    • Clustering
    • JSPs / custom tag libraries / JSF / Tapestry
  • Microsoft
    • .Net, .Net Remoting, ASP.Net
    • COM+
    • Active Directory and LDAP
  • PL/SQL and TSQL
  • Third-party frameworks
    • J-Integra, OpenLDAP, Jakarta commons, Jboss Cache, Log4J, Castor, Spring, Velocity, Tapestry, Hibernate, Slide, Crystal Reports, XF Rendering Server 2005, Aspose, etc

Application Servers

  • IBM WebSphere
  • BEA WebLogic
  • Tomcat
  • JBoss
  • Orion
  • MQ Series

Web and Portal Servers

  • Apache
  • Microsoft IIS
  • Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server
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