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Expertise: Aerospace and Transportation

Auriga’s strength lies in possessing the expertise at all technological levels of solutions for aerospace and transportation domains, and ability to concentrate that knowledge in a single project if necessary. The company experience encompasses more than 20+ years of developing highly reliable software for vendors in the regulated industries, such as avionics equipment manufacturers. Furthermore, Auriga has built a strong expertise in the distributed information systems and enterprise applications based on J2EE and .Net technologies. These two factors combined allow us to cover the whole range of software-related tasks arising in the transportation and aerospace projects.

The two main areas of our expertise are described in the two sections below:


At the system level, the software solutions developed by Auriga are successfully implemented and used by the world's leading aircraft manufacturers, as well as in the Air Traffic Control systems used by many airports in Europe and the U.S. Auriga engineers are experienced in the development and certification of FWS, FCS, FMS, ACARS avionics systems, and have a deep knowledge in such standards as DO-178B, ARINC 653, and ARINC 429.

Auriga also has a unique experience with LynxOS real-time operating system (RTOS)—one of the most widely used RTOS in the aerospace and military applications and the first COTS operating system to receive acceptance for reusability from the FAA for DO-178B certification. Since 1996, a dedicated engineering team at Auriga has been working for LynuxWorks on the development of LynxOS and BlueCat Linux distribution targeted for embedded applications. With its key technology focus on embedded solutions, Auriga brings additional value to its avionics clients by using the existing expertise in various OS internals, high availability architecture, and such widely-used standards as POSIX.

Industry-specific standards

  • DO-178B
  • ARINC 653
  • ARINC 429

Transportation Information Systems

The Java-based Aggregated Reporting System (ARS) of the Information Control System for the Tatarstan Republic Ministry of Transport Affairs (ICSTRMTA) is a good example of an information system created for the transportation. ICSTRMTA is a unique distributed system developed to meet requirements and optimize business processes of all objects of passenger transportation infrastructure in the Tatarstan Republic. The ARS subsystem developed by Auriga consolidates all information flows of ICSTRMTA, synchronizes reference data for other objects of ICSTRMTA, and produces aggregated reports. ICSTRMTA positive implementation experience has aroused interest in other constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

Please refer to the Skills and Technologies, page for more information on the technical skills possessed by our experts.

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