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Services: Localization

Well-recognized for its expertise in delivering solutions for the companies worldwide, Auriga offers a complete set of services for the development of globally recognized products, including globalization/localization. As a part of this service Auriga is capable of taking care of software, website, and documents localization. Our 20+ -year experience in quality-oriented, customer-focused projects is fully applied to the globalization service. Auriga’s time-proven quality assurance guarantees linguistic and technical accuracy. All localized products are subjected to functional and visual testing by hand-picked native speakers experienced in the subject area. We deliver dependable solutions our clients can rely on for technical quality and linguistic consistency.

Typical Localization Project Team


Localization services offered by Auriga include:

  • Translation to a number of European languages including Russian, Continental French, Canadian, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Swedish.
  • Resource files localization for software products (text and program files)
  • Localization of Web-oriented files (HTML, PHP, ASP, script languages)
  • Localization of “Help” in various formats and creation of online help file sets in the target languages
  • Documentation prepared in various DTP systems and formats
  • Localization engineering—putting/embedding the translated files/fragments into the original software (in its original file format)
  • Cosmetic testing (menus/GUI, links in hypertext, etc.) to ensure consistent appearance, meaning and behavior of software in terms of the target language and its culture
  • Functional testing to assure functionality well before and after localization
  • DTP (desktop publishing): preprocessing, post-processing, graphics processing, and conversion of the translated files into the required format
  • Project management

Localization Testing

Auriga offers the full spectrum of Software Testing &QA services as well as a wide range of Localization-specific types of testing.

  • Functional Testing
    • Automation: Rational Robot
    • Defect Management: PVCS, Bugzilla
    • Repository: Subversion, MS Visual SourceSafe
  • “Comparative” Visual Testing
    • Common tools to view and visually compare source/localized texts (target browser, WinMerge) 
    • Proprietary tools to facilitate visual testing (gathering and binding screenshots of the source and localized systems to compare them visually)

Auriga’s formal procedures of localization projects stipulate for using country-resident experts for culture-, language- and country-specific testing.

Tools & Technologies

We use industry-acknowledged production tools for localization and translation:

  • Translation Memory Tools
    • Star Transit
    • WordFast
    • OKAPI Olifant 
  • Localization Markup and Replacement Tools
    • Alchemy Catalyst
    • OKAPI Rainbow, Olifant
    • Multilizer
  • Translation Amount Estimation Tools
    • Practicount (for counting source words)
    • SDL TRADOS or WordFast (for calculating matches and repetitions)
  • DTP
    • Microsoft (Office), Adobe (FrameMaker, InDesign), etc
    • OCR to process graphics (FineReader)