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Services: Training

Since 2006, Auriga has been performing high-end training projects for its customers. The development of an external training service became a natural step in the evolution of Auriga training capabilities. For several years Auriga has been successfully running its own Training Center created on the basis and at the premises of Moscow State University. Primarily, the Auriga Training Center was aimed to:

  • provide senior students, graduates, and postgraduates with advanced IT training and hands-on experience in top-notch technologies, highly demanded by Auriga customers
  • raise corporate employees’ skills

With the further development of our Center, the training programs came out onto the new qualitative level, so since 2006 Auriga has offered training  services in the areas that historically constitute Auriga’ strengths.

Since 2006 Auriga presented and successfully conducted three training programs on Linux Kernel Programming at the I2IT training center in Pune, India. The courses were based on Auriga’s 20+ years of experience in software development, Linux kernel, and embedded and system-level development. The training courses and professionalism of Auriga’s trainers were highly evaluated by I2IT and training attendees. The trainees that participated in this program were representatives of blue-chip IT companies and engineering colleges such as IBM, Symantec, Mindtree Consulting, ETH, Divinet, Triump Systems, etc. The positive feedback Auriga received has marked great progress in the field of IT exchange between Indian and Russian software professionals.

Core Technologies’ Training Activities

  • System-level programming technologies  
    • Linux Kernel Programming Fundamentals
    • Advanced Linux Kernel Programming
    • POSIX Standard-Based Real-Time Portable Application Development
  • Core programming technologies
    • Java programming technologies
    • .Net programming technologies
    • Testing methodologies