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Vehicles on the road today are actually becoming smarter than their drivers. They’re being outfitted with computer processors, hard drives, and modems. Not that long ago, the things this hardware can do when linked wirelessly by satellite to remote data servers would've seemed like science fiction. But this magic needs some basic provided by software vendors for their clientele—automakers and automotive suppliers.

The complex automotive solutions of today demand that software service providers are proficient in embedded and system-level development, mobile platforms, communication interfaces, networking technologies, and GUI design. For years, Auriga engineers gained expertise in the development of complex software and software/hardware combination products. Thus, it is no wonder that we are well equipped to provide development services for automotive companies in the following areas:

  • automotive embedded systems
  • remote diagnostics systems
  • car connectivity, wired and wireless
  • map-navigation solutions
  • infotainment systems

Explore Auriga’s experience through the cases listed below or get in touch using the form at the right of the page or any other convenient method.

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