In-vehicle Infotainment System


In-vehicle Infotainment System

IVI   ·   C++   ·   QML   ·   QT Creator · GPS/Glonass · TTS · CAN · D-bus · Intelligent personal assistant


One of the leading silicon vendors hired Auriga to design and develop several components for its  in-vehicle infotainment  app.

Projects Highlights

Audio manager and voice recognition.


Error reporting system

Data exchange via WiFi, 3G, LTE, Bluetooth modules.

Built-in internet browser.

GPS/GLONASS navigation module developed.

Using location services, map integration.

UX and functional testing.

Achieved Benefits

System is designed to help drivers judge the road situation correctly, avoid accidents, and make informed decisions about what route to take.

A set of various mobile apps and widgets integrated into IVI: phone, calendar, weather, maps, Internet browser.

Driver has 100% voice control over the system.

Full compliance with industry standards.


IVI · C++ · QML · QT Creator · GPS/Glonass · TTS · CAN · D-bus · Intelligent personal assistant


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