Wireless Diagnostics System


Wireless Diagnostics System

Jenkins   ·   Jmeter   ·   Java Selenium   ·   JUnit


A major US-based vehicle manufacturer hired Auriga for test automation services for a wireless diagnostics system for vehicle service centers that collects data from in-car pods and transfers it to the technician’s device and cloud-based DB.

Projects Highlights

Mock-server for third-party services developed.

Unit tests automated.

Regression tests for builds automated.

Automated alerts in case of invalid builds.Load and UI tests launch procedures automated.

UI night-builds auto testing.

Night dev builds load testing.

Automated scheduled app deployment (8 servers).

Jmeter plugin aggregating servers data stats during testing.

Achieved Benefits

All tests outputs automatically collected and transferred to the DB, allowing to visualize trends and compare results daily.

Early build defects recognition to reduce iterations between developers and testers.

Instant bottleneck identification for fast code and performance optimization.


Jenkins  ·  Jmeter  ·  Java
Selenium  ·  JUnit


Auriga Awarded ISO 13485:2016 Certificate in Medical Software Testing

Woburn, MA, - Auriga, a software R&D outsourcing services provider, is proud to announce that its Quality Management System (QMS) has been assessed and certified

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