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Virtualization has been mainstream for quite a while, and it is still not at the end of the rope. So far, end users are getting accustomed to the idea that all their applications or devices can run in the virtualized environment, and product owners, OEM manufacturers, and virtualization vendors are coming across a significant set of challenges to making it all work.

We are ready to offer development and testing services to all three in the following areas:

  • VMware, Intel, IBM virtualization platforms
  • various types of hypervisors to run "guest" (operating systems) OSs in their own secure partitions
  • both RTOS and Desktop OS emulations
  • para-virtualized and fully virtualized schemes
  • integration of virtual HW with real HW via I2C/Ethernet
  • Eclipse-based integrated simulation environment
  • multi-core processor emulation support: core sharing, core affinity, and SMP modes
  • device virtualization and emulation support (direct assignment and sharing): Ethernet, USB, HDD, CD ROM; HD Audio; Software KVM switch (screen, keyboard, mouse), Super IO chip, block devices, telecom boards, SSD disks, etc.

Auriga’s first virtualization and hardware emulation projects were launched back in 2005 for one of the world leaders in chip manufacturing, and since that time, we have strengthened our position. Feel free to familiarize yourself with our expertise through the cases listed below and contact us for details.

Relevant Cases