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Auriga HL7 Library

Auriga HL7 Library is an open-source library based on the HL7 v2.x protocol to provide interoperability for medical devices, systems, and applications.

  • An object-oriented parser for C++

  • Support for HL7 versions 2.3 and 2.4 

  • Cross-platform support for Linux and Windows OSs

  • Compilation of automatically generated code and handwritten modules

  • Comprehensive robust specifications and user documentation

  • Personal, medical, and administrative data transfer

Auriga HL7 Library is a solution to support the transmission of practically any type off data in the clinical environment:

  • Between different hospital departments (laboratory, pharmacy, insurance, etc.) using HIS

  • Between HIS and any stationary or portable diagnostic equipment

  • Between HIS and wearable medical devices

  • Between HIS and stationary or wearable patient monitoring devices (patient monitors, Holter EKG devices, ICU units, anesthesia, respiratory care devices, etc.)

  • Between HIS and infusion systems

Auriga HL7 Library is highly efficient for the development of medical software and equipment:

  • Substantial simplification of the design process

  • Reduced labor costs and project time

  • Qualified support provided by the professional community

  • Detailed and accurate documentation

Auriga HL7 Library is available at

Are you a medical equipment owner or manufacturer? Do not hesitate to contact us so that you can obtain all the necessary documentation, access our source code, and use it in your own projects under an open source license.

Please find more detailed information on the HL7 library in our article.

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