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Summary: Mobile technology outsourcing software development, Androidmobile consumer's applications, embedded, system level.

Android mobile operating system

Android is gaining momentum, while iOS and Windows Phone are gradually giving ground. Expecting Android’s continuing domination, Auriga is focusing on this platform to drive exciting developments in the mobile software services offered to its customers.

We started Android-based development in 2008 — the year of its market appearance. With our extensive background in Linux-based operating systems, we were able to apply our experience to a relatively new area promptly. Put simply, Auriga engineers can perform any type of development (from high to low system level) and meet the needs of a wide range of customers. The aim of developing various applications based on Android SDK, Java, and IDE Eclipse is to deliver a complete product that will help our customers meet their business goals.

Auriga has released a number of Android-based projects, and has garnered considerable interest from mobile-software experts, and it is actively extending the company presence on the mobile market. Auriga market analysts anticipated Android breach, and our customers from the mobile and embedded sectors have already benefited from this technology insight and the first-class delivery provided by Auriga.

Android is a highly attractive platform for both the user and the developer. From the end-user’s standpoint, this platform offers attractive features such as multitasking abilities, smooth integration with Google’s online suite, a central notification system for social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, and excellent web-browsing capabilities (with supported Flash). From the developer’s viewpoint, Android is an open-source platform that allows virtually limitless customization with excellent flexibility and innovation potential.

Some examples of the projects performed by Auriga for the Android platform include:

  • A fully-functional mail and IM client for one of the leading online multi-purpose (mail, search, market tools) portals
  • The development of a set of mobile applications that provides an enhanced experience to car owners
  • A mobile client for Dropbox-like cloud-based storage with special emphasis on multimedia content
  • The development of a mobile application for Android (similar to Google Shopper) that allows customers to choose the right product, read product reviews, find the best prices, and locate the most convenient places to buy the selected product
  • The development of an Android SIP client for a customer’s proprietary videoconferencing solution 

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