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Multimedia Streaming

At the moment, we are overseeing how mobile video is spreading around the world—it’s being widely added to social networks and entertainment, education, and even business applications. Some interesting usages include combinations with location-based services and product identification (via QR and UPC scanning) to use video for product promotion at the point of purchase. With all this excitement surrounding new capabilities, Cisco Systems predicts the continuous growth of mobile-video traffic, reaching up to two-thirds of all mobile-data exchange by 2015.

To utilize this trend to their own benefit, companies need solutions and platforms designed to optimize mobile-video traffic and support the growing video-streaming volume on all types of mobile-carrier networks. Moreover, these mobile-video solutions must support all popular mobile platforms and be easily integrated with existing legacy backend services such as content-management systems, database-management systems, and cloud-computing services.

The truth is that the process and technology used for streaming mobile video are still complex and immature—there are many devices, software platforms, display sizes, video formats, and integration choices involved. To obtain a working solution that will be eagerly accepted by end-users, companies need solid practical experience in this field; otherwise, they risk frustrating existing users instead of recruiting new fans.

Auriga can help your IT or engineering organization and add this critical domain knowledge to your mobile-video initiative. We have developed strong expertise in this field and learned a few tricks of the trade. Combined with our best-in-class client satisfaction rating and twenty years of success in delivering complex software projects, from real-time systems to web-applications, from medical and avionics to media and entertainment, we are the outsourcing company best equipped for performing high-load, high-reliability mobile video-streaming solutions.

Among the latest Auriga projects in this area are the following:

  • Cloud-based media library with real-time video playback for a large multinational company
  • A new generation multi-point videoconferencing solution, with the ability to store and replay video and automatic, on-the-fly quality optimization for mobile and desktop devices and different communication channels
  • A unique real-time video-streaming and transcoding service based on Amazon cloud technology

If you feel that your business could benefit from added support for mobile video-streaming solutions, contact us at (866) 645-1119 or Your needs will immediately be attended to, and you will experience the quick, professional, and predictable implementation of our mobile platforms support project. 

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