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Enterprise Network Traffic Analysis Tool

Enterprise Network Traffic Analysis Tool

Auriga’s Customer, a US-based enterprise data security provider, tasked our engineering team to develop a tool for enterprise Big Data network traffic analysis. The project resulted in the development of a high-load distributed large-scale solution that could process up to 5 TB of traffic data.

To accomplish the task, Auriga created a Java program that allowed us to receive .pcap files, process and analyze traffic data, and reconstruct payload. We developed REST API and proprietary Java UI visualization tool to draw traffic volume timelines, diagrams, graphs, and maps. Dashboards and data marts for user stories displayed the following data:

  • Inbound/outbound/total traffic volume timeline
  • Total number of external and internal endpoints involved
  • Line diagram breakdown by day
  • Connection graph for specific IP

Moreover, we implemented geotagged data processing, mapping and filtering by country; sessions list filtering by date, size, and IP; and tracking user activity in terms of file transfers. Thus, the system allowed us to easily track suspicious activity and detect malware, security threats, and cyberattacks.

The tool is a cloud scalable solution for local environment offering a wide range of customization possibilities depending on the requirements of individual consumers.

Tools and Technologies: Amazon AWS, Java, Apache Hive, Apache Spark, Apache Cassandra, Elastic search, Hadoop HDFS, PCAP dumps, REST API, Bootstrap

Name: Enterprise Network Traffic Analysis Tool
Tags: case study, enterprise, cloud, Big Data, data analysis, security, visualization, network, open source

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