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Complex Weather Solution Enhancement Complex Weather Solution Enhancement
Auriga enhanced the existing embedded and mobile solutions for complex...

Tags: case study, IoT, enbedded, mobile, R&D

Time and Attendance Notification System Time and Attendance Notification System
Auriga enhanced the card access security system in place with employe...

Tags: case study, IoT, MQTT

Climate Monitoring Notification Solution Climate Monitoring Notification Solution
Auriga developed a system to track and monitor climatic indexes for in...

Tags: case study, IoT, MQTT, embedded

Remote Patient Care System Remote Patient Care System
A European medical device company hired Auriga to develop an automated...

Tags: case study, IoT, automation, healthcare

Remote Cardio Monitoring System Remote Cardio Monitoring System
Medical solutions provider tasked Auriga to develop a remote cardiac monitoring...

Tags: case study, IoT, Android, healthcare

Network Connection Module Network Connection Module
A global leader in smart infusion pumps development tasked Auriga with...

Tags: case study, IoT, Linux, R&D

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