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Auriga Gains New Experience – Face-detection Technology
Auriga’s engineers ported and optimized the proprietary face-recognition algorithm to Android OS

Auriga has developed the first MS Project-based mobile application for project escalations

The world is on the threshold of an “all things mobile” era
It seems that a new era, the “all things mobile” period, is approaching—at least that’s what the CTIA Association chose as its slogan for its International CTIA Wireless Conference, held on May 8–10 in New Orleans, LA. Hoping to get a few insights into the upcoming trends and to harvest some promising leads, Alexey Rybakov (VP, Business Development) and Andrey Pronin (SVP, Strategy, Technology, and Marketing) visited the event.

Mobile World Congress 2012 offers new opportunities for Auriga
With the aim of getting a few insights into the upcoming trends and harvesting some promising leads, Alexey Rybakov, VP Business Development, and Sergei Kiselev, Director Business Development, Mobile & Wireless, visited the Congress. They shared their impressions of the trip, their objectives, and the results of Auriga’s participation in this massive event.

Mobile banking is on the rise and Auriga rides on the wave!
Auriga engineers developed a comprehensive mobile banking application for customers to manage their bank accounts, transactions, and payments. The application was created in close cooperation with banking analysts and experts.

Mobile services from Auriga—It’s time for you to become a leader in mobile
Auriga, the number-one engineering services provider worldwide (as rated by Datamonitor), urges to focus on mobile platforms in your business applications portfolio.

Mobile Video is a Growing Trend: Vendors Should Jump a Train

Mobile banking at Auriga and the key takeaways from the Mobile Finance 2011 Conference
Market research shows that electronic commerce and mobile Internet are definite growth areas in Russia*, and that makes Russian market a promising area for mobile banking solutions.

Auriga gaining experience in ANDROID technologies
Android is gaining momentum, while iPhone and Windows Mobile are gradually giving ground. Expecting Android’s further clear-cut ascendancy, Auriga makes this platform one of the most prominent directions for growth of its mobile development program and is expanding mobile software services offered to customers.

Auriga delivers universal GSM telemetry - an open mobile development platform for COMPEL
Auriga, a Russian-US software R&D services company with almost 20 years of history, announces availability of Universal GSM Telemetry - a framework for development of telemetry and monitoring solutions. This project was delivered for Compel, Russia's largest electronics components distributor. Universal GSM Telemetry (UT) is a customizable, configurable platform that can be used to develop software systems for GSM telemetry, monitoring and remote control.

Новости 1 - 10 of 10
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