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Auriga delivers universal GSM telemetry - an open mobile development platform for COMPEL

Auriga, a Russian-US software R&D services company with almost 20 years of history, announces availability of Universal GSM Telemetry - a framework for development of telemetry and monitoring solutions. This project was delivered for Compel, Russia's largest electronics components distributor. Universal GSM Telemetry (UT) is a customizable, configurable platform that can be used to develop software systems for GSM telemetry, monitoring and remote control.

Currently, Auriga’s UT GSM Telemetry framework accompanies the Fastrack Supreme GSM device (Sierra Wireless) distributed by Compel. The Fastrack Supreme is an industrial Wireless CPU®, programmable via any combination of AT commands, ANSI C/C++ and Lua. It comes with an open-standard interface which allows developers to add supplementary I/O connectivity and functionalities in the form of expansion cards. The whole solution, presented by Compel at Mobile & Wireless Technologies conference on November 11-13 in Moscow, received significant interest among the event participants. This positive experience allows us to expect that UT GSM Telemetry, being a flexible framework for a variety of software projects for remote telemetry and control, will find a ready market among GSM/GPRS software developers.

Universal GSM Telemetry (UT) is a framework to acquire, process and represent data from remote GSM devices, as well as provide means to control the remote devices. UT can be implemented to deliver various software for mobile devices, such as route tracking systems or remote control systems on the basis of a GPS device. The UT framework is targeted at the mobile software developers, and is a convenient instrument for quick telemetry systems prototyping. The developer can use UT framework as is or expand the framework capabilities by creating custom-made software.

“Mobile solutions are a very dynamic branch of today’s world ITC industry, and play an increasingly important role in our life. Having chosen mobile software as one of its priority directions for growth, Auriga brings its many years of excellence in embedded programming to this highly demanded sector. We hope that this project will contribute to the development of mobile technologies, and bring value to the entire mobile development community.” – comments Auriga Business Development Director Gennady Mahov.

UT is a two-tier system with a server that communicates with remote devices, processes the data and represents the data through a web interface, and a client that resides on remote devices and serves to acquire the data and transmit the data to the server.

The UT server created and hosted by Auriga collects and processes data, and is realized on a Linux/Apache/MySQL/Java platform. It uses a database to store and process telemetry data, and send commands to the remote device. The UT server provides HTML interface for accessing and monitoring data. The client-server communication uses an XML-based protocol. The client software collects and transfers the data to the server, collects the information about the device and supports commands such as module reset and setting parameter values.

The key feature that distinguishes UT platform from other mobile software development frameworks is its excellent flexibility and expandability, assured by its flexible data transfer protocol that can handle any reasonable telemetry data such as the GSM coordinates, mobile network Cell ID, the remote device’s signal strength, etc. Due to the system’s module architecture, the framework can be expanded by adding custom parameters, data types, and commands.

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About Mobile & Wireless Technologies

Mobile & Wireless Technologies is an international conference & exhibition of electronic equipment and components for telecommunication systems and IT technologies. The aim of this unique event for Russian wireless technology professionals is to assure the business cooperation of specialists, to create favorable conditions for developing regional and international relations, to arrange contacts of authors, producers of equipment with potential buyers, to acquaint specialists with new technologies and achievements in Wireless technology.

About Compel, JSC

Compel, founded in 1993, is one of the largest Russian distributors of electronic components, providing deliveries from leading world producers. Compel delivers integrated circuits, discrete components, relays, energy sources, indicators and displays, industrial video cameras, and components for radio frequency identifiers.

In 2003, Texas Instruments, Maxim Integrated Products and International Rectifier recognized Compel as the largest distributor of their products in Eastern Europe. Compel has sales representatives in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Kiev and Minsk.

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