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Auriga gaining experience in ANDROID technologies

Android is gaining momentum, while iPhone and Windows Mobile are gradually giving ground. Expecting Android’s further clear-cut ascendancy, Auriga makes this platform one of the most prominent directions for growth of its mobile development program and is expanding mobile software services offered to customers.

According to the wireless market research conducted by NPD, Android phones took 28% of the smart phone US market in Q1 2010 (note that the research excludes sales to corporations). The market share for Blackberry OS by Research in Motion is 36%, making it the most popular platform, and Apple's OS with 21% fell to the third place.

Analysts attribute the strong growth in Android to the fact that devices using Android software are now available on all major U.S. carrier networks including Verizon Wireless, the largest U.S. wireless operator and T-Mobile, while IPhone is only distributed by AT&T.

In winning the latest round of iPhone vs. Droid, PC World reports that Google’s OS is the only smartphone OS whose share of sales grew over the previous quarter. The iPhone, in the meantime, is flat, when Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and WebOS quarterly sales shares are falling. According PC World’s J.R. Raphael, Android will soon catch up to its competitors for total market share if this trend continues.

As numerous reports have noted, Microsoft dated Windows Mobile UI, built on top of the Windows CE kernel, was losing market share and its latest iteration, Windows Mobile 6.5, unveiled underwhelmed the industry in 2009. After reorganization of the company’s mobile effort, with new leadership in engineering and marketing, Windows Phone 7 was unveiled in February 2010. It is expected that the market weight of the new Windows Phone will be determinate by the autumn of this year.

Auriga has delivered a number of Android-based projects which caused considerable interest among mobile software experts, and is actively extending the company presence on the mobile market. Auriga market analysts anticipated Android breach, and our customers from the mobile & embedded sector have already benefited from this technology insight and first class delivery provided by Auriga.

Android is a highly attractive platform for both the user and the developer. From the end-user standpoint, this platform offers attractive features such as multitasking, smooth integration with Google online suite, central notification system for social services like Facebook and Twitter, and excellent web browsing capabilities (with supported Flash). From the developers’ viewpoint, Android as an open-source platform allows customization in almost limitless ways, and has excellent flexibility and innovation potential.

Android is only one of the areas of Auriga’s mobile software development expertise. Our engineers create mobile software solutions for a variety of mobile platforms, including Windows Mobile, Android, Linux-based platforms such as Maemo and Moblin . Auriga has delivered wireless and mobile applications, hosted solutions, client-server solutions for mobile devices ranging from mobile phones, GSM modems, to industry-specific embedded equipment. Auriga can provide mobile software development and prototyping services to ISVs and OEMs, based on customers’ device platform; and offers cross-platform development, R&D and consultancy services regarding choosing target platform and technology for building a mobile application.

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