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Summary: Porting, multi-platform support, mobile platforms.

Cross-platform mobile solutions

Auriga’s experience includes design, development and porting mobile solutions and embedded applications for geo-location / navigation and mobile advertising.

Sample project: mobile phone GUI for P2K platform

Auriga developed a fully-functional mobile phone GUI for mobile phones based on P2K platform. The component consists of low-level display driver, text-rendering functionality, icon interface, predictive text entry methods, windows management, multimedia dialogs.

Sample project: IM and e-mail application for Android

Auriga provided Android platform support for a proprietary IM and e-mail application. Auriga carried out complete project development cycle from requirements gathering to testing, and at the moment provides maintenance and support to the customer. The application GUI sets the look of the product to reflect th customer's corporate style, and leverages human-computer-interface capabilities (such as gesture, stylus, touch etc.).

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