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News Release

Apr 1, 2016

Message from Vyacheslav Vanyulin, General Manager

The world is changing. We are living nine the Information  era: the age of “Everything Connected" and Big Data, cloud services and Internet of Things. As we prepare for this new future and its challenges, it is extremely important to take a proper look at the impact of our actions, achievements, and our legacy, both personal and professional. It is no longer enough to do things the same way we have been doing them for so long. It’s time to evolve along with the world. It’s time to innovate, to disrupt, to connect while focusing on this new world and the future we are leaving to our children and generations to come.

Auriga’s CSR strategy covers areas important to our business and allows us to bring people together in order to improve our services, processes, and communities, ultimately taking on global challenges together, one step at a time.

We use our CSR report to communicate our goals and challenges and share our approach and progress.

As a responsible company, we believe it is our duty to empower our employees, customers, and partners to focus on making positive contributions to the community and environment. It allows us to develop lasting relationships with our stakeholders and create long-term value for our business and the communities in which we operate.

Auriga’s CSR report reflects our commitment to innovation, fair business practices, and investment in our people. It is a long-term strategy that is one of the pillars of Auriga’s corporate culture, and I am extremely proud of the progress of our CSR activities over the last year and the valuable contribution our employees have made to support their communities and the causes they are passionate about. They are the driving force of our CSR strategy.

In FY2015, our collective efforts helped create a positive impact for many people around the globe, and we are truly inspired by what is now possible thanks to advanced technology and the new “connected” world.

While working to help build a better world, Auriga will continue embedding CSR initiatives in our core corporate values, creating awareness, raising consciousness about these important matters, and encouraging our employees, customers, and local communities to use their expertise and commitment to benefit humanity.

To learn more about Aurigas' Corporate Social approach and achievements, please refer to the document.

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