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News Release

Jun 3, 2009

Auriga at Gartner Outsourcing & IT Services Summit 2009

On June 15-16, 2009, Auriga will participate in Gartner Outsourcing & IT Services Summit, held in London, UK.

The summit is the leading international annual IT outsourcing event that allows the participants to get an insight into the outsourcing market reality and trends, explore best practices, key learning’s and future trends and technologies. The theme for this year's conference: Practical Outsourcing: Balancing Cost Optimization with Performance Improvement. Agenda covers the length and breadth of today's outsourcing arena - sourcing strategy, the IT services marketplace, vendor evaluation and negotiation, vendor management, business process outsourcing and global sourcing.

At the summit, Alexis Sukharev, Auriga President and Founder, board member of RUSSOFT (, will present Eastern Europe as one of the leading outsourcing destinations. Mr. Sukharev will describe the current state of Eastern European software services industry, its strengths, weaknesses and common misconceptions. The value and strength of Eastern Europe, major force #2 after India in software services industry, is not always clearly understood by the companies using nearshore/offshore IT services. As always with outsourcing, the key is choosing the right tool for the job. Eastern European, and particularly Russian, companies are traditionally known for intelligent workforce, flexibility and reliability. Thus they are well qualified for complex engineering tasks, quick research and prototyping, giving another breath for a dying project, and other similar tasks. That also makes Eastern European providers a good second source in multi-source strategies.

"We are proud to represent Eastern Europe at Gartner Summit. I hope the presentation and roundtable will help to better understand all pro's and contra's of outsourcing to Russia. Providing missing information about Eastern Europe to help decision makers in defining the right outsourcing strategy will be my mission during this summit."

Alexis Sukharev, President and Founder

The presentation will be accompanied by the roundtable discussion gathering major regional service providers to express their views on true differentiators of the region in the global outsourcing industry. Andrei Pronin, Auriga General Manager, will represent the company at this roundtable.

"As it was once said, Auriga is a poster child of the Russian outsourcing industry, backed up by the longest history of providing offshore/nearshore services in Russia. So, we very well understand the strengths and limitations of Eastern European ITO offering, and the types of engagements for which our strong sides bring maximum value. I believe this discussion will be useful, and possibly even show Eastern Europe from a new angle to the consumers of ITO services."

Andrei Pronin, General Manager

We sincerely invite you to our booth, presentation and roundtable at the Summit. If you would like to get additional information or book a meeting with Auriga, please contact Andrei Pronin at or + 7 (495) 713-9900 ext. 302.

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