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News Release

Jan 25, 2008

Auriga for LynuxWorks: 11-year cooperation rises to a new level

Auriga and LynuxWorks started cooperation in 1996 and since then the Remote Engineering Center (REC) at Auriga has been working on various projects for LynuxWorks. Based in the U.S., LynuxWorks is a pioneer and a proven leader in the embedded systems industry. Auriga’s REC for LynuxWorks is involved in numerous embedded software development projects, covering the complete software product life cycle—from requirements definition through testing and integration into LynuxWorks’ core products.

During the years of successful partnership, a lot of achievements have been reached by the engineers working on LynuxWorks projects. The most significant accomplishment dates back to the year 2000, when BlueCat Linux, the complete embedded Linux distribution that was developed by Auriga in 1.5 years, won the Electron d’Or Award as the best embedded product of the year.

Last year our cooperation rose to a new level. In addition to a set of on-going projects being executed by Auriga’s stable core team, LynuxWorks outsourced two standalone projects to Auriga. It allowed LynuxWorks to satisfy its peak needs in the engineering resources. “I appreciate all the hard work your team has put in over the last year and want to thank you for making this project a success. I look forward to working with you again in the future,” said John Blevins, Director, Software Tools Development of LynuxWorks, commenting on his experience working with Auriga on one of these projects.

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