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News Release

Dec 20, 2007

Auriga achieves CMMI Level 4

Auriga is proud to announce the results of the official SEI CMMI compliance assessment performed earlier this fall. The company has reached CMMI Level 4 after working for several years on combining its own vast experience and accumulated best practices in implementing software engineering processes with SEI CMMI recommendations.

Dr. Alexis Sukharev, Auriga’s President and Founder, commented: “Reaching CMMI Level 4 is the natural step for us in striving for excellence in providing software R&D and product engineering services. We pay high attention to the actual needs of the organizations looking for software outsourcing services, and we make significant investments in QA and processes improvement to meet the customers’ expectations. We made a special effort to combine CMMI recommendations that bring stability and predictability to the process with our vision of the ideal service that we practice from day one. This vision is dictated by our customers who want us to be agile, proactive, creative, and flexible in every aspect of our work to provide the best solution for their unique situation. And this combination really pays off for both sides.”

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