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News Release

Jul 15, 2007

Asia Times discovers new “Bangalore” in Eastern Europe. Auriga cited as one of the most successful IT outsourcing companies.

Asia Times, one of the largest and most influential media publications in the APAC region that examines geopolitical, political, economic and business issues from the Asian perspective, has turned its attention to the current global outsourcing market trends. On June 30, Asia Times Online published a report that says, "’Bangalore’ lies not just in India, but also in Central and Eastern European countries.”

The report starts with a success story of establishing a stable outsourcing cooperation relationship between a U.S. company and Auriga, and comes to an overall conclusion that was recently highlighted by IDC: “While price is what initially drives organizations to consider using nearshore and offshore resources, companies are realizing that it must be balanced by other considerations." With multi-sourcing growing in popularity, companies start looking beyond India as their next outsourcing location. In these conditions, it is not only and mainly the cost savings that attract the customers to Russia and Eastern Europe. It is stability of the relationship and shared management values that start playing an important role in multi-sourcing strategies nowadays. And this is where companies like Auriga have a lot to offer.

Asia Times advises U.S. and European companies who seek outsourcing cooperation to consider Russia as their software development services partner. The publication quotes Alexis Sukharev, Auriga’s President: "Even though the Central and East European IT export industry is still [relatively] small and fragmented, it has some unique features, like strong engineering talent and programmers who show more flexibility than some other offshore locations."

You can read Asia Times’s article “The Bangalore experience goes Baltic” here.

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