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News Release

Jun 2, 2004

Auriga Officially Opens Software Development Center in Kazan, Russia

AMHERST, NH, June 05, 2004 - Auriga Inc., a U.S.-Russian provider of offshore, offsite, and onsite software development services, has officially opened Auriga-Kazanт Software Development Center, a new state-of-the-art facility which will allow Auriga to expand its offerings of offshore outsourcing services to existing and prospective customers in the U.S. and Europe.

The Opening Ceremony events were held on June 3-4 in Kazan, Russia, and featured a series of presentations and workshops attended by local government officials, IT business community representatives, professors, graduate students, and researchers of leading universities of the Republic of Tatarstan. The presentations were organized by Auriga with support from the Ministry of Communications of the Republic of Tatarstan. The keynote address was given by Farit Fazylzyanov, RT Deputy Minister of Communications. The attendees were also greeted by Alexis Sukharev, president and CEO of Auriga, Inc., and Steve Chase, president of Intel Russia. There was comprehensive coverage from the local media.

"The fact that Auriga is opening an outsourcing arm is a wonderful development for Kazan, for Tatarstan," said Steve Chase, president of Intel Russia, at a press conference for official opening of Auriga-Kazanт Software Development Center. "This gives Intel more confidence that we should probably be doing more work in the Republic of Tatarstan." He also stressed that outsourcing is becoming a very important area of the Information and Communication Technology Industry in Russia. "Intel believes very strongly in capabilities of the Russian engineers. We think that Russian engineers do great work and we're happy to stand up for them and give the advertising for them."

Alexis Sukharev, president of Auriga Inc, stressed that the new center in Kazan will be an integrated addition to Auriga's existing U.S. and Moscow offices which currently host more than 150 employees. "Kazan is known for its science and high tech industry, and its status as home to many highly competent engineers," said Auriga president. "With a new talent pool of Kazan engineers, Auriga will scale its technology delivery capabilities to meet leading edge customer needs."

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