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Nov 30, 2010

Sergey Zhukov at the 2010 Russian Software Engineering Conference

We are glad to see our colleagues sharing their experience with professional community. This year Sergey Zhukov, Team Manager at Auriga Pigeon Point Systems account, took part in the Central and Eastern European Software Engineering Conference in Russia that was held in Moscow on October 13-15. Sergey presented a showcase report based on Auriga projects – Delivering multi-vendor support for AdvancedTCA Shelf Manager.

Central and Eastern European Software Engineering Conference in Russia (CEE-SECR 2010) is the key software event in CEE countries. The conference brings together participants from different areas of IT industry: analysts, designers, architects, programmers, testers, process and project managers, researchers, educators, executive officers – everyone who works in software industry.

Sergey’s report was focused around the project that helped one of Auriga clients to simplify the customization of one of its key products - Shelf Manager to different hardware without compromising speed and quality of services for their customers.

The brief summary of the presentation can be found below:

The Pigeon Point® AdvancedTCA® Shelf Manager software supports multiple types of shelves produced by multiple vendors. While the number of supported platform configurations grew over time, hard coding platform-specific features in the software became impractical.

In 2009 Auriga developed a special Hardware Platform Definition Language (HPDL) that removed the need of manual configuration and tailoring that was previously performed by PPS engineers who added carrier- and shelf-specific pieces of code into the Shelf Manager software according to the needs of the corresponding hardware vendor.

A language-based approach has been designed and a new interpreted language for describing hardware platforms (Shelf Manager carrier boards and shelves) has been developed. Software implementation of this language includes a stand-alone compiler and an interpreter of binary data that is integrated with the Shelf Manager software.

This new method is more suitable for Shelf Manager models with increased processing power and scales well as number of supported vendors grows. Now the hardware vendors that want to use Shelf Manager can configure it using HPDL using their in-house engineering force, or with some expert help from PPS/Auriga team. The language is now used both by Pigeon Point engineers and shelf vendors to describe new hardware platforms for the purposes of shelf management.

As a result, the PPS’s end clients are self-sufficient with respect to support of their hardware with PPS management solutions, Pigeon Point Systems do not need to add new Shelf Manager releases to support new carrier boards/shelves, which on the whole dramatically reduces effort to implement support for new carrier boards/shelves, and makes support activities much smoother.

Sergey Zhukov leads the dedicated team of Auriga engineers that works for Pigeon Point Systems Inc. Sergey received his Ph.D. degree in the field of algorithmic languages and compilation methods from Moscow State University after graduating from the MSU Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics. Sergey joined Auriga Inc. in 1998 and has been working on development of management software for telecommunication systems, including CompactPCI, AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA systems. His interests include embedded systems, systems programming, software and information systems design, object-oriented methods, and programming languages.

The detailed presentation can be downloaded here.

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