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Jul 4, 2007

Auriga provides insights on best practices in using Russian outsourcing services

Auriga drove the industry promotion at RUSSOFT Forum, the most representative annual Russian outsourcing industry event, held in St. Petersburg on June 20-22, 2007. One of the key focuses of RUSSOFT Forum 2007 was the best practices in providing product engineering and other high-end services for high-tech and software companies. According to the recent IDC study on the Russian software development outsourcing industry, the key country differentiators are outstanding technical skills and ability to manage complex high-end projects. The large and well educated IT labor pool capable to solve virtually any task is one of the main attractions for those who choose Russia as the outsourcing services destination.

These country specifics have led Russian service providers to occupy the niche of high-end services. And inside this niche mature Russian companies, like Auriga, are able to provide high-value services for the most demanding category of clients—software product companies. As a recent eWeek article points out, the Russian companies nowadays tout talent and innovation over cheap labor and according to the unanimous opinion “would rather work with customers to create something new than simply churn out program code in the commodity market”. It’s no longer about being just outsourcing providers, it’s about establishing long-term relationships and providing teams dedicated to solving the customer’s problems. All that focus would not be possible without having a methodological and process background that supports such ambitious goals. RUSSOFT Forum 2007 provided a ground for the Russian software service providers to share their experience and thoughts in that area.

With 17 years of experience in software development for global IT companies, Auriga was proud to be one of the key RUSSOFT Forum program contributors. Being one of the leading providers of product engineering services, the company led the panel discussion aiming to show how high-tech and software companies can benefit from outsourcing product development to Russia. For the same category of companies, as a part of the session on maturing outsourcing engagements, Auriga provided insights on implementing a unique optimized engagement model focused on satisfying their specific needs using flexible engineering and management approaches. Product engineering, flexible models, agile methodologies are cornerstones of Russia’s current position on the global outsourcing market. Thus it was especially interesting for the forum participants to understand what trends and best practices such industry leaders as Auriga observe in these areas.

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