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Jun 29, 2003

Russia's IT Services Export Industry Gains Steam

AMHERST, NH - The path to successful outsourcing with focus on Russia’s software development capabilities in this mainstream process was unveiled at the 2003 Software Outsourcing Summit held on June 25-28 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Auriga, Inc., an Amherst-based IT consultancy with a well-established software engineering operation in Russia, took part in this comprehensive conference for the third consecutive year. In attendance were over 500 senior IT and business executives, leading industry visionaries and analysts, providers and customers from around the globe.

Through real-life best practice presentations, the summit participants offered a unique view of today's most important outsourcing issues. Yuri Kirkel, Auriga Vice-President of Engineering, shared Auriga technology accomplishments with industry peers at the panel session "High Tech Solutions from Russia" which was held for the first time within the framework of the Software Outsourcing Summit. In his best practice presentation, Yuri showcased a number of successful software solutions developed by Auriga engineers, with special focus on BlueCat Linux - a winner of the Electron d'Or Award for the best embedded product of the year 2000.

In addition to the insight provided by the Summit’s keynotes and panels, attendees gained unparalleled value from the conference roundtables. Auriga President Dr. Alexis Sukharev co-chaired the forum’s roundtable session "Views of Leading Market Research Agencies on the Russian Software Development Industry" which presented the industry’s top thinkers and practitioners. The session focused on the current IT market trends and opportunities in the Russian software market for high-tech companies around the globe whose work is increasingly shaped by outsourcing. Alexis Sukharev also provided a balanced view of Russia’s offshore IT outsourcing capabilities at the Summit’s press club.

"Although offshore outsourcing has been around for about a decade, it is now becoming a mainstream software services option," said Alexis Sukharev. "There are now a growing number of providers in Russia, who have increased services quality, reduced the complexity of offshore engagements and managed to mitigate the risks. The Summit in St. Petersburg has demonstrated once again that, with Russia's IT services export industry growing more mature and more attractive for Western technology companies, Russia is poised to become a major market player of the offshore IT outsourcing market."

The 2003 Software Outsourcing Summit, which was held for a third consecutive year, became one of the major events in the field of IT outsourcing, offshore software development and international IT cooperation in Russia, CIS countries and Eastern Europe. The Software Outsourcing Summit was supported by the Russian Government (Ministry of Communication and Informatization, and Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology), as well by the City of St Petersburg. The Forum was organized by Consortium "FORT-ROSS IT Services", Russia’s National Software Development Association RUSSOFT, Association for Cooperation with Nordic Countries "NORDEN", and "DIGITAL DESIGN" company.

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