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Mar 13, 2012

Auriga experts participated in the iFin-2012 International Forum, Moscow

Alexandr Videnev, Auriga banking leading expert, took part in the iFin International Forum held in Moscow between February 4 and 7, 2012. The forum was attended by over 500 representatives of 350 banks and financial companies from all over Russia.

Auriga has dozens of projects performed for Russian banks and international bank representatives under its belt. In addition, at the forum, Auriga presented the quintessence of its experience—its own solutions targeted at banks:

− Mobile banking client: a full-scale application that enables safe, fast, and convenient banking for mobile device users

− Reconciliation of accounts: system that allows the user to quickly make decisions in case of indeterminate situations from the standpoint of the reconciliation algorithm

− Electronic document storage: electronic document repository of the bank corresponding with CBR directions

− IFRS reporting system: application that automatically collects necessary data and generates reports in accordance with IFRS requirements

One of our leading experts, Alexander Videnev, participated in the event and reported its presentation called “Effective product time-to-market, using the Vendor-Outsourcer-Bank bundle.” The presentation was devoted tothe most costly and highly charged matter of mobile banking applications—its integration with proprietary automated banking systems.

Summing up the iFin-2012 forum, we can say that the market for electronic financial services is on the rise and far from saturation. This is largely due to the growing needs of customers of banks and financial companies, which are no longer satisfied with the mere existence of remote delivery channels in the list of services catering to financial institutions. The need for high-quality, comfortable, and modern electronic financial services is far from satisfaction.

For more information on Auriga banking services, please contact

Alexand Videnev

Director, Business development

Finance & Banking

+7 (495) 713-9900 ext. 393

skype: videnevaleksandrer

About iFin:

iFin Forum ( is the largest nation-wide specialized event devoted to electronic financial services and technology. Supported by the Russian Banking Association the Forum covers the whole range of issues relating to creation, development, promotion and utilization of the up-to-date electronic financial services and technologies, including remote banking systems, online and mobile banking, internet trading, front-office systems, online payments, electronic payment instruments, etc. 

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