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Andrey Pronin

SVP, Strategy, Technology, Marketing

Mr. Pronin is SVP of Strategy, Technology and Marketing at Auriga, and is responsible for Company strategy, marketing and technology development activities. He is also a board member of RUSSOFT, association of software development companies from Russia and Belarus.

After spending 20 years in various roles related to software development, Mr. Pronin has got a very rich and multi-faceted experience and good understanding of the industry from various points of view.

He started his career as a software developer and worked as engineer and manager on several exciting projects in embedded, system-level, medical, web- and database-search fields. Mr. Pronin has been with Auriga for over 15 years (with a short period of absence) since 1998. Prior to his current position, Mr Pronin worked for the Company as an engineering project manager, key account manager, director of engineering, director of business development, and in other positions, including being Auriga’s General Manager in 2009-11. During his only diversion from Auriga, he spent about a year as a head of software and hardware engineering and manufacturing at a product company in wireless communications space.

Mr. Pronin holds PhD in theoretical mechanics and applied mathematics from Moscow State University. 

After all the years at the company two things still amaze me:

How, with our very modest size, a lot of people all around the globe know about us, analysts rate us along with multi-billion giants, and new clients come to us because they heard about our service from others or from some customer satisfaction ratings. Many thanks to our customers who have determination and confidence to try our service and then have heart and time to tell others about their positive experience.

How, even after 20 years, we remain a company with an engineering heart. Yes, we have learned a few financial tricks since we started in 1990, we know how to keep an eye on our profits and optimize our expenses. But in our hearts, in all new contracts, with all new clients we look for new interesting challenges, new ways to change the universe. After all, at all level of the company, including the very top managers, we all have engineering and scientific background, and we can’t stop thinking about the beauty of creating a software that nobody created before us. And in all our new employees we expect to see similar aspiration for that.