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Anton Stasevich

Director, IT

Anton Stasevich, IT Director, is responsible for maintaining and enhancing Auriga's IT infrastructure including hardware and software, company security policy, development environment, technical support, and other IT services.

Anton joined Auriga in 1995 as a software engineer and held various engineering and managerial positions. In 1998-2007 he was a Project Manager of the BroadVision team that included more than 20 software developers and QA engineers. His technical and analytical skills were highly appreciated by BroadVision for timely and quality product delivery. Anton was also involved into document management, social networking, and on-line gaming projects. He created several new development teams at Auriga.

Anton holds a master's degree in Computer Science from Moscow State institute for radiotechnics, electronics and automation.

“Why am I staying so long with Auriga? Because it gives me an ability to deal with different programming technologies, investigate and try myself in different software areas, use a great number of different applications. I certainly appreciate Auriga’s culture and spirit that are unique through Russian companies. Working at Auriga feels like working for one of the US high tech companies.”