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Yulia Brusova

Director, HR

Yulia Brusova leads the Human Recourses Department. She is responsible for all aspects of Human Resources: recruitment, newcomers’ adaptation, staff evaluation (appraisal procedures, dealing with performance issues and carrying out career development plans), staff retaining, development and implementation of compensation/benefits programs, HR- policies, procedures and regulations, employee relations; corporate events, etc. She reports to the company’s CCO and serves on the management team; assists and advises company managers about Human Resources issues, specific and sensitive situations. Yulia asserts that the HR function, first of all, is a support function, it’s about making sure project managers know how to deal with their people and do it well.

Yulia maintains Human Resources practices and objectives that provide an employee-oriented corporate culture and keep corporate values and standards at a high level. She believes that recruiting the best people and creating a friendly environment (almost a family atmosphere) inside the company are two key points of a successful HR policy. And it really works at Auriga!

Yulia joined Auriga was appointed HR Director in 2010. She worked as HR generalist in several successful telecommunication start up projects and as Senior Recruiter in software field before joining Auriga. She holds high education in software engineering, presenting a brilliant combination of people management skills and technology savviness.

The rare thing about Auriga is a combination of stability and very strong growth opportunities in such a dynamic field as IT engineering that it offers to every employee. I really like the friendly atmosphere and the high competency level.