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Services: Product Maintenance

Auriga is one of the few companies with the expertise, processes, and focus to offer reliable maintenance and support services. Auriga enables its clients to focus the efforts of their development teams on strategic activities such as new product development, while Auriga takes care of their product maintenance.

Thanks to the constant focus on serving ISVs and high-tech companies, and extensive experience in product development and support, Auriga has the time-proven strategy and methodology which precisely address the goal of product maintenance services. Auriga helps its customers increase ROI for their software products by significantly improving time-to-market while optimizing maintenance costs.

Maintenance areas

To ensure prolongation of the product life until its next major version release, Auriga offers maintenance services in the following areas:

Depending on the business requirements, Auriga's multi-layered product support can be configured either for providing hands-on support services in terms of configuring, upgrading, performance tuning and troubleshooting, or going a step further in terms of reverse engineering, software architecture and design recovery to help the product evolve better in terms of functionality, scope and performance.

Supported maintenance types

Auriga’s high-quality engineeringengineering teams provide clients with a wide range of maintenance activities’ types, including:

  • Corrective—reactive modification to correct discovered problems
  • Adaptive—modification to keep it usable in a changed or changing environment
  • Perfective—improve performance or maintainability
  • Preventive—modification to detect and correct latent faults

Auriga maintenance and support services

Auriga assists its clients—high-tech and software companies from various industry verticals worldwide - by providing an offshore support and a development team that works closely with in-house specialists to maintain and upgrade products in a planned manner while bringing down the cost tremendously. Auriga can replicate the client environment at its offshore centers in Russia or it could use high-speed links to utilize existing capacities at customer locations.

The full spectrum of offered maintenance and support services includes, but is not limited to:

  • Error tracking and debugging
  • Version upgrades
  • Version enhancements
  • Technical troubleshooting
  • Performance monitoring
  • Performance testing
  • Quality assurance testing
  • Documentation development and maintenance

Auriga Product Maintenance Process

One of the reasons why Auriga has been successful in providing software maintenance services is a proven methodology which ensures a smooth execution of the maintenance process and high quality of work.

We have a thoroughly structured process for transmitting the customers’ product maintenance offshore. The process covers:

  • Assessment and Planning
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Transmission into Offshore Support & Maintenance
  • Full Offshore Product Maintenance

By following a thoroughly constructed phased hand-over, progression from one phase to another is dependent on support milestones being achieved and technical targets reached at the previous phase of the project. This enables us to ensure that the take-up of support offshore is seamless and problem free.

By outsourcing the software maintenance tasks to Auriga, our clients are guaranteed to have efficient, predictable, high quality maintenance processes.