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Services: Technology Consulting

In its rich 20+ year history, Auriga has built some unique skills that can provide additional value for our old and new clients. Our specialization in high-tech outsourcing implies the capability to take over complex technologically intensive projects. That fact allows us to offer technology consulting services to the companies with and without internal engineering force. Many Auriga clients, being software and high-tech companies, have engineering capabilities themselves, and it is a common practice for Auriga to collaborate with such existing engineering teams. It is not unusual even for such companies to need help in creating solutions that require an expertise that doesn’t exist in-house. The companies without an internal engineering force have even a greater demand for finding such expertise outside the organization.  Auriga offers consulting services targeted to supplying the required technologies and skills to our clients, and finding solutions for the IT challenges.

While Auriga’s expertise spans a wide range of technologies, we see the most significant demand in technology consulting services in the following areas:

  • Web-based enterprise applications
  • Migration to Linux
  • Linux and Windows kernel and drivers
  • Automated testing solutions for embedded and industrial systems
  • High availability for telecom and industrial systems
  • Achieving compliance with PICMG standards

In addition to consulting services, Auriga can offer ready-to-use solutions for some important enterprise areas and typical challenges in building industrial/telecom systems, accompanied by the services of customizing these solutions to the specific needs of a particular client, and integrating them into a working system.

Typically, when Auriga gets a technology consulting request we go through a sequence of steps with our client:

  • Assessing the client’s business needs
  • Refining the software and system requirements
  • Suggesting a development approach or a ready-to-use solution, and an implementation/development plan
  • (Optional) Passing our technology knowledge to the client via trainings and various knowledge transfer means
  • (Optional) Taking over the engineering assignment and passing the task to Auriga’s engineers
  • (Optional) Customizing and integrating the suggested technological solution into the client’s business processes or core products

The technology consulting services provided by Auriga allow our clients to execute the projects that they would not be able to start and perform otherwise.