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Outsourced Product Development

Today, given the increasing competitive pressure and consumer demands, product companies are forced to build new products and releases as quickly as possible. By outsourcing product development (OPD), we mean the outsourcing of a complete or major part of the product development lifecycle (i.e., not just coding or any other standalone engineering process). OPD allows you to focus more on market analysis, marketing, and business development activities that directly impact the success of the company and its bottom line, while your vendor takes care of development tasks.

Auriga offers a one-stop shop for companies seeking OPD to minimize costs, increase product life spans, and reduce time-to-market. We are committed to helping our clients build software products of superior quality and bring them to the market faster. Need proof?

  • We have vast experience with ISV, OEM, high-tech companies, and systems integrators
  • Regardless of whether you’re a small newborn company or a mature leader of the industry, Auriga knows how to cultivate projects for startups and majors.
  • We offer a full range of lifecycle services, from new product conceptualization, architecture design, UI development, and product development to product migration, re-engineering, testing, maintenance, and support.
  • We are real experts in outsourcing—just have a look at our tips and tricks, regularly published in the Auriga blog.

OPD has been one of Auriga’s main activities throughout the years. We are ready to offer it to any domain mentioned on our web site. To get an insight into Auriga’s capabilities, please refer to the success stories listed below.

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