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Software Testing

Auriga provides customers with the unique opportunity to perform comprehensive product testing and QA to enable them to concentrate their own time and resources on other tasks, benefit from readily available testing expertise and resources, and lower the operating costs of acquiring and maintaining the corresponding test infrastructure.

The effectiveness and quality of our testing services has been proven in many successful projects done for large OEMs and ISV companies, such as Dräger Medical or IBM, and for the clients from the vertical domains where the highest level of quality is a must—medical devices and avionics systems. Auriga was able to deliver the testing services as a part of ISO 13485, IEC 62304, and DO-178B Level A compliant projects. Our engineers gained a significant experience in testing services for the following domains:

  • Embedded and system-level – distributed security and management systems, system-level network interfaces, medical devices, telecommunications, automotive. If you are interested in the subject, read the paper "Testing of Embedded Software Products" [pdf] created by our engineers, summarizing the approach and useful techniques in organizing embedded testing.
  • High-load enterprise and corporate solutions – automated banking system, multi-tier web portals and services, distributed databases and storage solutions, corporate intranet/internet portals, CRM/CMS/BPM systems, SCM platforms, cloud-based services, social network solutions.
  • Mobile clients and native applications – multimedia, banking, healthcare, location-based services.

Auriga provides a full range of testing services including:

  • Test Development and Optimization
    • Test strategy definition and refinement
    • Test case development, refactoring and maintenance
    • Requirements coverage and traceability analysis
  • Test Execution and Reporting
    • Functional and non-functional testing for all phases: unit, regression, integration, system, performance, acceptance, and other types of testing
    • Full defect lifecycle support
    • Gathering quantitative product quality and testing quality data
  • Test Automation
    • Developing and maintaining of automated test suites and frameworks
    • Porting of existing frameworks to new platforms
  • Test Consulting
    • Defect root cause analysis and defect prevention measures
    • Testing process improvement
    • Feasibility study, 3rd party solutions evaluation
  • Fixing defects and providing support for end-users

These services are provided for a broad set of testing areas for system-level and application-level software products:

Functional Testing

  • Functionality Testing
  • Regression Testing

Non-Functional Testing

  • Load/Stress Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Internationalization Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Interoperability / Compatibility Testing
  • Compliance / Certification Testing
  • Vulnerability / Security Testing
  • Data Migration / Conversion Testing

Auriga engineers have deep experience in using the following tools and technologies frequently involved in testing projects

Test Frameworks

  • Rational Robot/TestManager
  • Mercury LoadRunner/WinRunner/TestDirector
  • Segue SilkTest
  • Selenium
  • TestComplete
  • TestBase
  • DejaGnu
  • See Test Automation
  • Coverity
  • UIAutomator
  • HP QTP
  • Monkey Runner
  • CPPUnit/JUnit/NUnit

Configuration Management Tools

  • CVS, Git and Subversion
  • Rational ClearCase
  • Perforce
  • ChangeSynergy
  • HP QC

Defect Management Tools

  • Bugzilla
  • PVCS Tracker\PVCS Manager
  • ProblemTracker
  • Remedy
  • Atlassian JIRA
  • HP QC
  • Redmine
  • Traqs
  • Rally

Requirements Management Tools

  • Rational RequisitePro
  • Doxygen

Continuous Integration

  • Jenkins
  • Buildbot
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