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Solutions: Remote Engineering Center (REC)

A Remote Engineering Center is an evolution of the Offshore Development Center model. Having a rich experience working with the companies for whom software development is an important part of their core business, Auriga has analyzed the set of needs that such customers have. This set of needs entirely includes the needs of the company that does IT project outsourcing and adds a lot more.

Requirements for the engagement Outsourcing of IT projects Business process automation Outsourcing of core competence projects
High quality of deliverables + + +
Low business risk + + +
Have provider solve all project problems + + +
Low management overhead + + +
Low TTM ? + +
High security and IP protection ? + +
Attain and retain expertise ? + +
High flexibility in setting the goals, allocating resources, defining the scope   + +
Low knowledge transfer overhead   + +
Easy integration with existing processes/teams     +

The REC model is a unique offering that covers all these needs, and although the solution works for every customer, it is especially useful for

  • ISVs
  • OEMs
  • high-tech companies who have their own engineering forces in place (internal or outsourced)
  • high-tech start-ups who have innovative technically sophisticated ideas and seek for an ability to quickly get to an implementation starting with zero software engineers onboard

For such companies, REC is the only model to solve all their needs.

The model is designed to combine the best in both the Project Outsourcing  and Staff Augmentation models. An attempt to put together such best features already led to the creation of a hybrid ODC model, but only REC goes to the end of the road and addresses the remaining minuses of ODC.



The model is based on the practices collected and tested throughout Auriga’s 20+ -year history. Auriga’s engineering department mapped all needs of the customers to “conceptual ideas” and then to individual practices, thus ensuring that all needs are truly satisfied and all practices are implemented with the final goal itself.


When running a REC, Auriga provides the following services:

  • Engineering and Project Management: Project Management, Requirements Definition, Design, Development, Integration, Software Verification and Validation, User Documentation, Product Quality Management Strategy, Process Quality Assurance, Change Management, Measurements and Analysis, Configuration Management, Knowledge Management.
  • Engagement Management: Planning, Objective-setting, Program Management, Monitoring, Measuring, Reporting, Issue Resolution, Service Level Agreements.
  • Human Resources Management: Recruiting, Employee Training, Motivation and Retention, Daily Administration, Compliance and Legal Management.
  • Technology and Infrastructure Management: Office Infrastructure Support, Physical Security, Office-related Administrative Support, IT Infrastructure Support, IT Security, Tracking of External Service-provider Support Agreements, Purchasing Support;
  • Legal and Financial Management: Finance, Accounting, Payroll, Contracts Management;
  • Administrative and Support Services: A number of general administrative and support services such as secretarial and document-processing support, travel planning and management, etc.

Note: bold items represent services added or enhanced compared to ODC.


Dräger Medical (since 2003) and IBM Deutschland (since 2005) are examples of RECs currently operating as a part of the Project Services Department within Auriga.